The Hang-Out: An After School Program for teenagers to give them an opportunity to discuss important issues, do their homework, hang-out with their peers; play video games; talk to a mentoring adult; and receive tutoring in school subjects for which they need help. This program occurs on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 4 PM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 2 PM to 5 PM. It is open daily during the summer.

Field Trips: YWAD has a school bus for transporting our youth to a variety of important places and events such as concerts, community events, college campuses and excursions to museums and historical sites. The bus is also used for recreational purposes, to get youth to parks and other sites to just have fun.

Career Options: The program seeks to expose youth to career opportunities which they may have never considered. For example, the Administrator for Chesapeake General Hospital has spoken to them to explain how he arrived at his position. The goal is to have someone from a different professional background speak each month. The program also seeks to take the youth on field visits to see professionals functioning in their career.

Jobs for Youth: The objective of this program is to train youth in basic employment skills and network with employers who are looking for reliable young people to hire. YWAD will serve as a support system for the young person to help make him or her a valuable employee– disciplined, prompt, thorough, taking initiative and having a good attitude toward the employer and fellow workers.

A Message from Bishop Jackson

Dear Friend,
I spent a large portion of my youth in a foster home. I was confused, felt rejected and unwanted. Thank God, things turned out for me much differently than they could have. All my adult life I have been committed to helping young people. I know what it is to be confused, involved in a gang, breaking the law and headed for jail or a tragic death.

I also know what it is to feel loved and have a sense of self-esteem. Many young people today are without fathers, unloved and unwanted. YWAD seeks to create a sense of family and belonging as well as discipline and direction.

The parents who are working hard to do the best they can for their children appreciate our efforts. We affirm what they are trying to do to keep their kids in school, out of trouble and away from the wrong elements. Our only limitation is resources.

Our youth are the future. Let’s help them live in a climate free of gangs, drugs, and violence. Together we can give them hope and show them that they were born for a purpose. We must do all we can to help them find their purpose and fulfill their destiny. Thanks for your prayers and support.

-Bishop Jackson